can easily submit health pre-screening surveys using a web interface in a lobby entrance or directly on their phones. Access is made easy with QR codes you can generate to display in your lobby or entry points.


can use their smartphone to check themselves in and submit their contact information for tracing and further communication.


can access the Management Console to review results, logs and reports as they are submitted.

Stay in control of your data

Using the Online Management Console:

  • detailed reports can be reviewed and archived for future reference.
  • individual records can be printed from a desktop or directly from your phone.

Health Screening

Personal Screening

Employees or visitors can complete a screening questionnaire specific to your environment, then receive an electronic ”day pass” on their phones.

  • Streamline your access control points.
  • Access the assessments info efficiently.

Contact Tracing

Customer/Guest Tracing

Customers can check in allowing you to meet tracing requirements in a paperless mode.

  • Customers use their smartphone to enter the information.
  • Information collected is securely stored.
  • Reporting makes it easy to trace back visitors on a specific day / timeframe.


"It's a matter of how we use our best efforts to drive this down. There's no excuse to show that we are able to do this."

It's simple, efficient and affordable!

For a business with 1 to 24 employees.

$24.99 (Billed monthly)

For a business with 25 to 99 employees.

$49.99 (Billed monthly)

For a business with 100 to 499 employees.

$149.99 (Billed monthly)

***For organizations over 500 employees, please call for a custom quote.